Why Fiberglass?

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Check out 11 reasons why Fiberglass pools are the fastest growing segment of the in ground swimming pool industry!


Why should I buy a fiberglass pool?

The first question you should ask when buying a pool should be what do I get for my investment? Do I want a pool with very minimal maintenance that may cost slightly more up front? If by saving cost up front what are the long term costs for buying another type of pool at a discount. The two main reasons more people are buying fiberglass over any other types of pools is simple, they want a nearly maintenance free pool that will last a lifetime. This is why fiberglass pools are fastest growing segment of the pool industry and account for over 50% of all pools installed in the largest pool market in the world, Australia.


Durability Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Fiberglass pools are the only type that can be built with a lifetime warranty. Look at the pictures to the right to see our first fiberglass pool we installed after 30yrs of use. This pool was installed in Bonne Terre MO in July of 1980 and the pictures were taken July of 2010. This pool is still in use today. Please scroll through the pictures and see some of the other pools we have installed still in excellent shape after decades of use.

Many other industries have also recognized the advantages of fiberglass such as gas stations with fiberglass fuel tanks, home builders using fiberglass bath tubs, and yacht manufacturers utilizing fiberglass hulls for multimillion dollar yachts.


Less Maintenance Less Chemicals

Since fiberglass pools have a smooth non stick surface there is nothing for algae to penetrate resulting in less chemicals used. This in turn requires less time needed for your pump and filter to operate, and most importantly less time needed for you to maintain your pool! Fiberglass is also a more durable material that does not experience the detrimental effects caused by shock and muratic acid two chemicals that all pools must routinely use that can be detrimental to the surface of gunite and vinyl pools.


Much Lower Cost of Ownership

With fiberglass there are no expensive scheduled renovations of having to replace a liner that is prone to rips and tears or re-plaster concrete. These renovations typically cost several thousand dollars or more and are typically needed every 7-10 years or less.


Quick 2 Week Installation

Why wait months for your pool installation and have your backyard a mess all summer when you can have a fiberglass pool installed in as little as 2 weeks? Since fiberglass pools are already constructed in a quality controlled environment they can be installed in half the time it takes for a concrete or vinyl pool.


Smooth Beautiful Finish

Fiberglass has a smooth finish that is as easy to your skin as your bathtub. But don’t worry all steps and floors have a textured finish molded in to keep them non skid and safe. Compare this to the big public pool where the concrete floor is so rough it hurts your feet. You will also notice the depth and detail of a fiberglass gelcoat finish produces a much richer looking finished product than competing types of pools.


Compatible with all chemicals

With many choices now available for pool owners to treat their pool pools fiberglass are completely compatible with all pool chemicals available including salt.


Touch, see and pick out your pool before you buy.

We stock our most popular models year round so you can see your pool before you buy it. This eliminates the stress of hoping your builders vision and yours are the same and allows you to see and touch the actual finished product.


Pet Friendly

Unlike vinyl liner pools that can be ripped or torn by pets and toys fiberglass pools are pet friendly and can be used by all members of the family without worry.


Made In The USA

All of our fiberglass pool shells are made in the USA and many pools are actually right here in the Midwest! Many of the parts and equipment that are included with the pool are also made in America.