How to Setup a Consult

Wanting to schedule a consultation?

First, check out the areas we serve, all of the counties listed are accurate and we do not service outside of these areas.
(We do not serve Illinois, St. Louis County, or St. Charles County).

Missouri Counties We Serve:

    • Franklin*
    • Iron
    • Jefferson
    • Madison*
    • Perry*
    • St. Francois
    • Ste. Genevieve
    • Washington


*most areas

If you would like to schedule a consultation, we will need a plot plan or property survey emailed over to us first. This can be obtained by your building department or you may have a copy in your closing documents when you purchased your home. In your email to us please include your name, address, phone number & plot! EMAIL:

We will review your plot and contact you to schedule an appointment. Please note, we do require 15′ of unobstructed access to the backyard, this means from the side of the home there should be at least 15′ with no landscaping/trees/AC units/etc. in the path.

During this appointment we will be able to show you the best pool placement, measure out the size pool you’re wanting, and let you know of any retaining walls/tree removal/etc. that may be needed.

We offer FREE consultations!

*We offer limited consultations during the months of March-May due to high volume*